Knk consultants, a boutique hr consultancy firm formed with a vision to be one of its kind “one stop shop” for all the hr services, with an aim of supporting startups, small and medium size companies and the hr at large organizations.  We work in the space of individual & organization transformation.

Our interventions are around people, culture, change management, human resources consulting , executive and leadership coaching. Our  people consulting work travels the entire gamut of human resources ,policy development, developing hr framework and designing hr processes along with setting up an hr department for startups and smes, creating employee handbook and manuals, compensation and benefits, csr activities, organization structure planning, designing and implementation of reward and recognition programs, manpower planning and budgeting, change management, employee grievance handling, performance appraisal management, hr audits, manpower productivity with effective management of gmrol (gross margin return on labour). 

We help employees reach a whole new level of productivity, processes, systems & team spirit. And the results are  isible in demonstrated qualitative & quantitative growth of output. While building the intellectual, digital, political or adversity quotient in participants, we enable them to be better utilized employees, invest in their wellness –  motional & spiritual quotient making them happier people. Better happiness means better productivity.

We work from the ‘inside out’ as we call it – moving towards enabling change from within. We facilitate in 3 clear areas of self, team & business. Our strengths lie in working around personal values & connect them with organization values for progression. Our specially carved out one on one coaching sessions and programs on wellness, mindfulness and leadership development helps individual as well as teams unleash their true potential while increasing their productivity at work.